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This blog is started to share all sorts of ideas about novelty birthday cakes and cake decorations. After I decorated a homemade birthday cake for my son I saw how fascinating and exciting it can be. After that event in Sydney I wanted to practice more and more making special unique decorated cakes. With every birthday cake that came after that I started enjoying making and decorating cakes. It is my passion now and I put so much effort and all my heart into this. It takes many hours of work, but I enjoy every moment of it. Of course there are many things yet about unique cake decorating that I need to try and get some experience in. But I will certainly do so with lots of practicing. Decorated  unique special cakes for boys and girls, for husbands and wives, for friends and colegues is something I think I can do very well and what makes me happy and what I enjoy so much. Thus step by step and special cake by cake I’m going to improve my skills and hope to enjoy it even more. 

I'd love to see that such cool homemade novelty cakes would make people smile and very excited and would also make every birthday unique and very special. My main goal is to make not only beautiful novelty and individually designed cake but also delicious one. I would really like people to be not only impressed by the look of the cool cake but also enjoy every bite of it. Every time I think of an idea for homemade cake decorations I think of a special features of the party or event and also about individuality of the person the special cake might be made for. The most fun is to make a funny, detailed and exciting homemade birthday cakes for kids. Children always get so excited and happy about their kids birthday cakes and especially they love the decorations. That is why I always make edible cake decorations, so both kids and grown-ups could enjoy a special cake from outside to inside. Welcome to my novelty birthday cakes Sydney website!

Bunny and Carrot Birthday Cake Cute and very colouful, this bunny and carrots cake brought lots of smiles and joy for the little girl's second birthday party. Hope it will inspire you in some way for your cake creations.
27/08/2014 Kids Birthday Cakes

Mermaid Birthday Cake for Girls A fun and colorful birthday cake for a mermaid themed party. It has a mermaid and all kinds of ocean themed edible decorations.
11/07/2014 Kids Birthday Cakes

Shoe Box Birthday Cake A simple and elegant way to make a fashionable shoe box birthday cake for someone very special to you. It makes it stand out if you add some edible flower decorations and a shoe cake decoration on top.

Butterflies and Roses Wedding Cake A beautiful two-tiered chocolate wedding cake with marshmallow fondant roses and royal icing butterflies. I was happy to make and decorate this wedding cake to become a part of this special celebration.
11/03/2013 Special Cakes

Australia Day Cake A fun and colourful Australia Day Cake. It is shaped like Australia and has all popular things about Australia. A special themed cake for a special day in Ozz.
26/01/2013 Special Cakes

Farm Animals Cake Decorations Colourful, fun and so loved by kids farm animals cake decorations. They are made from marshmallow fondant. Such farm themed edible cake decorations will make any kids birthday cake or cupcakes very special and exciting for kids.
04/01/2013 Kids Birthday Cakes

Alice in Wonderland Birthday Cake A colouful three tier Alice in Wonderland Birthday cake for girls. It is chocolate inside and very colourful and bright outside. Was very delicious and just loved by kids.
23/03/2012 Kids Birthday Cakes

Chocolate Cake Recipe I'm glad to share this basic chocolate cake recipe. It will be a perfect cake recipe for any kids birthday party and any party for chocolate cake lovers.
31/01/2012 Easy Cake Recipes

Dinosaur Birthday Cake A dinosaur birthday cake for kids. It is a chocolate mud cake inside and a dinosaur world outside created with sweet marshmallow fondant decorations and beautiful dinosaur themed birthday candles as a fun and bright finishing touch to this dinosaur themed birthday cake for kids.
12/09/2011 Kids Birthday Cakes

Royal Icing Recipe This is a very easy royal icing photo recipe. Royal icing is used for cake decorating and making all kinds of sugar decorations for cakes. Royal icing is also used to decorate cookies, gingerbread houses, candies and many other sweet treat to make them look extra special. Although it is very sweet, normally it is used just for finishing touches but not that much for eating.
19/07/2011 Cake Decorating Tips

Kids Birthday Cupcakes with Flowers and Ladybugs These are small size kids birthday cupcakes, covered and decorated with marshmallow fondant. They are very sweet and are also of a very good size for the little ones’ hands. These birthday cupcakes are decorated with ladybugs, fondant leaves and flowers and would be a perfect birthday dessert for a boy’s or girl’s birthday party.
17/06/2011 Kids Birthday Cakes

Peacock Birthday Cake This peacock birthday cake is decorated with fondant peacocks and lots of beautiful fondant rosess to create a loving and romantic look. The idea was to show love and romance of these beautiful birds.
23/05/2011 Special Cakes

Princess Carriage Birthday Cake This Princess birthday cake is one of the most wanted and loved birthday cake ideas for girls. This chocolate two-tiered princess carriage birthday cake has got a chocolate look and flavour, cute little fondant bows around every tier, a cute bright yellow carriage with the fondant horsy with golden fairytale mane and of course a fondant princess in a pink ball gown.
07/04/2011 Kids Birthday Cakes

Bowling Cake This is a bowling birthday cake for a bowling themed birthday party. This is one many kids cakes ideas. This one in particular, is a pink and purple bowling cake for girls. To make it a bowling cake for boys, just change the colour of the fondant to blue, green, yellow or any other neutral or boys colour and make a fondant figure of a boy.
02/03/2011 Kids Birthday Cakes

Cake Decorating Books Cake decorating books is just the right thing for a self-taught person who likes to try things and learn by lots of practicing. There is so much contained in cake decorating books that will help you to learn the basics of cake decorating techniques and will disclose some simple cake decorating secrets and recipes.
17/02/2011 Cake Decorating Tips

How to Make Fondant Roses Here you can find some simple instruction on how you can make edible marshmallow fondant roses. Simply follow them to decorate your very special birthday cake. Or just make some beautiful fondant roses in advance for future occasions.
04/02/2011 Cake Decorating Tips

Tiramisu Recipe Have a look at this very easy tiramisu recipe. This is one of the basic tiramisu recipes. Tiramisu is one of the most popular and loved desserts. To make it extra special just add a nice cake decorating touch as shown on the pictures you will find.
04/11/2010 Easy Cake Recipes

Edible Cake Images Edible cake images are commonly used as a convenient and easy but very impressive cake decorating idea to apply on the top of cakes or cupcakes. This is the way you have a beautifully decorated cake to match the theme of your party.
20/09/2010 Cake Decorating Tips

Rocket Ship Birthday Cake This is a very simply but still very bright and colourful rocket ship birthday cake for boys. It is a quick cake to make and decorate and best to match any space themed kids party. This kind of rocket cake doesn’t take much time to make and decorate at all.
16/09/2010 Kids Birthday Cakes

Spiderman Car Birthday Cake This spiderman racing car birthday cake could be one of the best birthday cake ideas for a boy’s birthday party. It is a 3D racing car cake decorated to match a spiderman themed party. It is a perfect cake decorating idea to make any boy’s party so special.
06/09/2010 Kids Birthday Cakes

Ocean Themed Wedding Cake This unusual and very unique wedding cake was custom made for a very special couple. They had their very own love story and the details on this ocean themed wedding cake show it. It is very calm and has nice little details and wedding fondant roses around it.
23/08/2010 Special Cakes

Princess Castle Cake A castle cake is a fairytale dream cake for many little girls. There are so many princess castle cake ideas and designs. This castle cake has pink and purple colours and lots of detailed edible fairytale decorations.
07/07/2010 Kids Birthday Cakes

Book Cake Book shaped cakes are very popular for special occasions, such birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. There are many ways you can decorate your unique book shaped cake. This particular book cake is decorated with an edible cake image of a birthday girl.
28/06/2010 Special Cakes

princess-baby-nappy-cake This is a very classic way to create a nappy cake. Nappy cakes are very popular as baby shower gifts or gifts for new mums and their newborns. Nappy cakes are very colourful and are made with nappies, toys and other baby stuff which makes it nice looking and very useful.
01/06/2010 Special Cakes

House Cake Such novelty house cake would be a very nice birthday house cake or may be a welcome home house cake. It was an attempt to make sweet special cake replica of a real houses which can be a surprise cake for your friends or family members who just bought a new house.
27/04/2010 Special Cakes

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