Farm Animals Cake Decorations

Farm Animals Cake Decorations
Farm Animals Cake Decorations
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Farm animals birthday cake is one of the most famous cake ideas for kids birthdays. Farm animals theme for a birthday cake promises lots of colourful cake decorations such as farm animals, flowers, bugs and other farm themed details.

Young kids will absolutely love this fun birthday cake idea, because this is what they sign fun nursery songs about and enjoy making farm animals sounds when they play.
These kids farm birthday cake decorations you see on the pictures are all edible and made from marshmallow fondant, which kids love so much. Here you can see marshmallow fondant sheep, pigs, ducks, snails, ladybugs and flowers.

Small details I painted with a very fine brush using food colours. It is a very easy cake decorating tip to use to make your animal cake decorations look more real and extra cute.

You can also use black or brown cake writing gels to make dots or finish off eyes for your farm animals cake decorations.

These farm animals edible cake decorations were made a day before the birthday cake was made. I stored them in an airtight container in a cool dry place. Having cake decorations ready makes it easy, fast and lots of fun to decorate your kids birthday cake on your special day.

Even kids could help you decorate unless you want to make it a surprise.

You could also try to make these edible cake decorations smaller in size and decorate some cute farm themed birthday cupcakes covered with green fondant or icing and cut out fondant flowers for a final touch.

fondant sheep cake decorations

fondant ducks cake decorations

fondant snails cake decorations

fondant pigs cake decorations

Date: 04/01/2013


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