Kids Birthday Cupcakes with Flowers and Ladybugs

Kids Birthday Cupcakes with Flowers and Ladybugs
Kids Birthday Cupcakes with Flowers and Ladybugs
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Kids birthdays are full of fun, bright colours and happy moments. Kids birthday cake is one of the main and most important things that make this day very special. For little ones it is the happiest moment when they blow the candles and all sing “Happy Birthday”. However, the cake is very often not eaten by many kids. There are so many pieces left uneaten.

Thus it is a very cool kids birthday idea to make small size decorated cupcakes. They can be beautifully decorated to match the colours and theme of the kids birthday party and also they are of a bite size and very simple and of course sweet. It is very often just enough what is needed for a child to eat as a birthday dessert.

The cupcakes you see on the pictures are just an example how you can decorate little cupcakes for a boy’s or girl’s birthday party. Such decorated cupcakes are the best to bring to school or kindy on your child’s birthday.

These are small cupcakes covered with marshmallow fondant and decorated with marshmallow fondant leaves, flowers and ladybugs. To make them even more fun I used bright and colourful paper pans.

Marshmallow fondant decorations for kids birthday cupcakes are really good. Kids love marshmallows and all marshmallow fondant decorations have exactly the same taste and are even sweeter. Such cupcakes are the perfect birthday treats that any child will be happy to share with his or her friends.

Such small decorated kids birthday cupcakes are easy to hold in little hands and are the perfect size for a child to eat at your kids birthday party. They are also a lot easier and faster to make comparing to baking, assembling and decorating of a birthday cake for kids.

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Date: 17/06/2011


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