Butterflies and Roses Wedding Cake

Butterflies and Roses Wedding Cake
Butterflies and Roses Wedding Cake
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A few weeks ago I was honoured to make a wedding cake for a very nice and beautiful couple. It was a great pleasure for me to make and decorate this wedding cake with sugar butterflies and marshmallow fondant roses to become the centrepiece on this special wedding day.

As it was requested I baked chocolate mud cakes to put them together into a two-tiered chocolate wedding cake. I baked two 30 cm and two 22cm round chocolate mud cakes and used some chocolate cake frosting to “glue” the mud cakes together.

I covered this beautiful wedding cake with marshmallow fondant and made some red fondant roses. To make the fondant roses colour deeper I used a sponge brush and red food colouring and gently touched the edges of the fondant roses’ petals. It helped to create more volume and colour shades.

I used royal icing to make lace patterns on this wedding cake and the butterflies for decorations. It is simply amazing easy it is to make royal icing and decorate with it. It dries within a day but then keeps its shape beautifully on a cake. Royal icing is very safe and nice to use for cake decorating.

But if you do any cake decorations with royal icing, like the butterflies on this wedding cake, make sure you handle them very gently with no pressure at all. Royal icing cake decorations are extremely breakable.

For a finishing touch and sparkle I used a rhinestone hearts wedding cake topper.

Here are some pictures of the chocolate wedding cake with roses and butterflies.

roses and butterflies wedding cake

chocolate wedding cake

wedding cake topper

butterflies wedding cake

wedding cake cutting

red roses wedding cake

Date: 11/03/2013


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