Sexy Camping Cake

homemade sexy camping cake
homemade sexy camping cake
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Summer season in Sydney, Australia is the most popular time for camping. A lot of people go camping just for fun and good time being all day and night far from the city life, listen to nature sounds and have lovely chats around fireplace with a nice sexy cake. Very often birthdays are celebrated on camping. And a unique adult tent birthday cake was a wonderful idea to try. To make this homemade camping cake extra special and exciting I’ve added a bit of sexy touch to it. Having sex in a tent is another thing that camping makes special. And thus you get an adult sexy birthday camping cake.

For this lovely novelty birthday cake I bought a golden cake board 40x40 cm. I covered most of the board with green marshmallow fondant, leaving about 2cm wide borders all the way around to be able to hold and carry this cool adult birthday cake. And it also made the whole special camping cake look a lot nicer.

First of all I put the funny tent cake in the very corner to leave enough space for all marshmallow fondant decorations. I baked two big square cakes, following a basic maderia cake recipe. This recipe requires more eggs than the one I used before, but the cake turns out very good and quite dense, which makes it a lot easier to cut in different shapes. It just doesn’t break or crumble. I cut out rectangle shapes of different sizes to assemble my adult tent cake. As the result I had about 8 layers of relatively thin sponges.

For the filling I beat butter until light and fluffy and added there caramel. I used readymade caramel that you can buy in any supermarket. It tastes great and I use it a lot for my special homemade cakes. Assembling this novelty sexy cake I sprinkled each sponge with sugar syrup to moist them. Then I spread a very thin layer of whipped cream to lighten up the sweet caramel buttercream I made. Then on top of the cream I spread caramel buttercream and sprinkled with finely chopped roasted almonds. When the whole camping birthday cake was assembled I covered it with chocolate genache, it tastes amazing and fondant lies on it very nicely.

And then the most fun began. I started decorating my homemade sexy camping cake. After covering the tent cake and placing it on the board I made four marshmallow fondant legs, a bra and some lovely pants with heart patterns on. It looks sexy and funny, exactly what an adult birthday cake should look like.

To make it look like a camping cake I also made fondant trees, rabbits, mushrooms, food and cups on the table. The table is made with fondant blocks and savoiardi biscuits. I loved the idea to use chocolate rocks around the fire. These are the ones you can buy in a shop and they look so cool and so real. To make this sexy birthday camping cake a little funnier I put two fondant kangaroos looking at the sex scene in the tent with very shocked faces and one of them covers the baby’s eyes. As always all decorations on this novelty cake were edible. That birthday cake looked really cool, sexy and unique, even though it took hours of work.

fondant kangaroo decorations

sexy birthday cake

capming cake decorations

fire cake decoration

sex and capming cake

camping cake

adult sexy cake

Date: 07/02/2010


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The hobby is getting serious now. It's time to have an exibition somewhere in the art gallery :-). We can't wait what is going to be next? Avatar or Lord of the Ring?



The cake was unbelievably beautiful and delisious!!! Everyone enjoyed it so much. Thank you very much, Marina! You are a genius!!



This cake was the best cake in my life. It was organised as a surprise and has been presented in a camping. I didn't have words to express my feelings..



Wow! Your attention to detail is unbelievable! I love the quirkiness of this cake....It's so funny :)



Your cakes are amazing!

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