Valentine's Day Cake

Valentines Day Cake
Valentines Day Cake
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This Valentine’s Day heart-shaped cake can be a very special, unique and novelty cake surprise for your love. Valentine’s day is a very special day for everyone in love. The day when people celebrate love, romance and affection. However, this day is not that widely celebrated in Sydney, comparing to the USA. valentines day cake

Heart shapes,red, pink and white colours is the most popular for Valentine’s day. And this was the inspiration for me this year to make a heart-shaped Valentine’s Day cake covered with red fondant roses.

The idea was to create a 3D heart-shaped cake which would look like a heart made from roses. In order to create this look I needed to make a special wooden cake board for my Valentine’s Day roses cake to stand at a particular angle. The whole idea of a 3D heart-shaped cake worked really well.

In order to assemble my Valentine’s rosy cake I made one square cake and one round cake so the diameter of a round cake equals the length of the square cake’s side. Then I cut the round cake in halves and put together with the square cake to get a heart-shaped cake. It is a very simple technique.

Talking about this roses cake... I also added a bit of pink inside. It was a raspberry hazelnut cake. I absolutely loved this unique sourness that raspberries added to a sweet cake. Just so delicious. Inside there was one layer of mascarpone cream with roasted hazelnuts.

For the outside rosy look I had to make dozens of fondant roses. It took hours to make and then almost as much time to decorate this unique novelty Valentine’s Day cake with these red fondant roses.

Such cake would be a perfect centrepiece for the Valentine’s Day party. It is a heart-shaped cake covered with roses. Very unique and romantic. It is the best way to show your love and affection to someone. This roses cake is the one to impress your beloved. However, it also could be just a fantastic and very impressive heart shaped birthday cake for someone very close to your heart.

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Date: 15/03/2010


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Congratulations on your 5 year wedding annuversary! The cake was perfect! It really took my breath away - top presentation and excellent taste.



What a cake! Talk about a lot of work! It's truly a beautiful work of art.

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