Princess Cake

Princess Cake
Princess Cake
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A few last days were so hot in Sydney, I didn't really want to go outside and so I found some time to made a princess birthday cake. In the beginning I prepared a part of a fondant princess decoration. I thought it would be a fairy cake, but later on decided to go with a princess birthday cake idea. I always wanted to make such cake with a beautiful pink ball gown. fondant rose sugar butterflies

Everything on this cake was edible as I always do for all my cakes. First of all I baked a butter cake and made a few layers of light and very fruity filling. It was a sour cream with sugar and mango filling. It went really well with butter cream sponges and was so smooth and light.

All decorations were made with marshmallow fondant. I also used food colour to draw some patterns on one of the skirts. And on the very top skirt I put little white and pink sugar butterflies, which I previously bought in the supermarket.

Very often cake decorators use plastic dolls to put inside the cake. I know that they look pretty and have nice figures and beautiful shiny hair, but for me it is a little weird to have a plastic doll inside the cake. That is why I went for totally edible fondant princess with a little cute flower hat, big eyes and beautiful little fondant rose in her hands.

As I know such princess cakes are very popular birthday cakes for girls. They love to play with princess dolls and of course love beautiful dresses. This cake would be a perfect birthday cake for a princess or fairy theme birthday party.

fondant princess decoration

princess cake

princess birthday cake

Date: 01/12/2009


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Nice Cake



Beautiful cake (are all of them0 you are a very talented lady



Hi, very nice cake .I was just wondering if you also used the marshmellow paste for making the dress too.

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