Suitcase Cake

Suitcase Cake
Suitcase Cake
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A special suitcase cake is a very popular idea in novelty cake decorating. There are coolest suitcase cakes for weddings, birthdays, farewell and welcome home parties. A suitcase is the best idea that unites all travel related events.

I wanted to make this novelty suitcase cake funny and bright. I made fondant decorations like tie, sheets, socks and other personal things sticking out of the suitcase as if you just put so much in that it was too hard to close. That is why there are two fondant figures sitting on top trying to enclose all the stuff in by pressing on it.

The couple is traveling and I made some fondant backpacks to make it all about travel.

I found that there can be many other ways to make a unique and novelty suitcase cake. It can be funny or pretty and romantic. There can be two or three birthday or wedding suitcase cakes.

I went with the traveling idea. The main point was about packing. That is what takes time and for many it is a challenge to squeeze everything in.

On this very unique and funny suitcase cake I made some post stamps showing the destinations: Sydney-Singapore-Munich.

Inside of this novelty suitcase cake was a chocolate peanut butter cake. That is amazing how a couple of tablespoons of peanut butter can transform basic cake into something so delicious. I used crunchy peanut butter which had little bits of peanuts inside. When baked they make the whole cake very crunchy and add lots of nutty flavor.

For the filling I made caramel cream. I whipped cream with caramel topping. It turned out very soft, sweet and smooth – ideal filling for such a rich flavored cake.

Under fondant cover I put some chocolate frosting made with sugar, water, eggs, dark chocolate and butter. It is very sweet and chocolaty.


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Date: 31/03/2010


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Who ever have seen Sveta and Evgeni, for whom this cake was made, is impressed, how good you get them sitting on the suitcase. Great. Done, Marina, you are the real artist.



If I will start travelling araound the world, I wish I have such a nice suitcase with me. OK I never ever would have the chance to carry my suitcase for myself, but I would have enough space for my stuff!!! ;-)

Svetlana and Eugene

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Marina! Big thank you for the cake you made for us for our trip to Munich via Singapore. The cake was very tasty and it was a lot of fun to check all the details! Love it!

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