Bike Nappy Cake for Twin Girls

Bike Nappy Cake for Twin Girls
Bike Nappy Cake for Twin Girls
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This tricycle nappy cake is just one of the ways to make a very special and unique baby shower gift or a newborn baby gift. This bike nappy cake is even more special. It was made for twin girls on the way.

It is just such a fun idea to make a bike nappy cake for baby girls. Usually a nappy cake for twins has two toys decorating such nappy cake to show the idea of twins. On this tricycle nappy cake for twin girls I put two cute teddy bears decorated with little pink bows, white roses and pink ribbon bows around the teddies’ necks.

This girls bike nappy cake contains around 45 nappies, three baby wrappers, two soft baby blankets, 6 baby bibs, 4 baby bottles and beautiful ribbon and roses decorations.

Such unique nappy cake would make a perfect baby gift. It is different from any usual classic nappy cakes. It is all about fun, bright colours, all necessary baby products and a wow factor for future mums and dads.

Any unique design of a baby nappy cake would be a nice baby shower centrepiece. It is not just a designed bike nappy cake, it is also made of practical baby products, so every piece of this fabulous bike nappy cake for twins can be used for babies’ needs.

The idea of a bike nappy cake may sound more like a boys theme, but bike nappy cakes are made a lot for baby girls too. Just pink shades of colours are used a lot to make it pretty and girly.

To make this bike nappy cake for twin girls extra girly I used lots of pink roses, pink ribbons, pink bows and light colours all over this baby nappy cake. Such bike nappy cake will be a hit at any baby shower party.


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Date: 08/07/2011


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