Wedding Cake with Roses and Butterflies

wedding cake with roses
wedding cake with roses
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Wedding is the most exciting, beautiful and romantic event. It is all about love and beauty. A wedding cake becomes a substantial part of any wedding reception. That is why people go from very classic to absolutely crazy designs and ideas about a cake to add more fondant rosespersonality into their wedding.

I always wanted to make a wedding cake. It was always in my head and I had so many ideas and thoughts about the way it would look the best. Finally, I came to a very classing but so pretty look. Having a time limit of just a few days this was the best I could make at the moment.

It was a three tier cake with pink fondant roses and white sugar butterflies. I thought these would be the best colours for a wedding cake. The colours of the fondant roses were pink from bright to pale. I thought that this range of colours in one flower would make it more interesting and playful.

The colour of the cake was white. It is a very clean and beautiful colour, it made pink fondant roses even brighter and the whole look so fresh and light. I also made some swirls on the sides of the cake with royal icing. I’ve seen many wedding cake pictures and realised that white patterns look amazing on white fondant. I thought that with just plain white fondant cover the cake would look too quiet and boring.

Inside it was a butter cake with caramel and cream – one of my favourite fillings. I think very often a wedding cake happens to be more about look rather than taste. I really tried to be good in both. Hopefully I got it right. And I think this could also be a beautiful birthday cake for a very special big birthday party. Why wouldn't it.

fondant roses wedding cake


wedding cake with butterflies


wedding cake with roses

Date: 21/11/2009


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Bride and Groom

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Darling, you made our wedding day being extra special. In fact, we would have done the wedding in more private way. But with such a first class or five star cake we needed much bigger wedding. Thank you again for being part of our life and for making it more fun.



lovely decoration..........



Did u make the flowers and butterflies out of marshmallow fondant too?


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Dear Samantha, the roses are made out of marshmallow fondant. The butterflies are made out of royal icing. how to make royal icing



Hi Marina, I love your site and have used it as a reference many times! Thank you! I have a question about this one, how did you put the Roses and ribbons together for the top of this cake? I can't seem to get my posies to hold their height and shape the same way! Thanks again!

Marina from Birthday-Cakes


Hi, Lenore. Thank you for your kind words :) The roses were on thin sticks and I just sticked them into the top of my cake on different heights to form a rounded shape.

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