Dinosaur Birthday Cake

Dinosaur Birthday Cake
Dinosaur Birthday Cake
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Kids birthday parties are always around us, such party days are always busy, full of bright emotions and lots of fun with kids.

The main centrepiece of any kids birthday party is a birthday cake. This Dinosaur Birthday Cake was made for a boy’s birthday with lots of love and inspiration from a dinosaur theme.

As many dinosaur themed birthday cakes for kids this Dino Cake for boys has it all: two cool marshmallow fondant dinosaurs, palm trees, and a volcano with bright red lava and rocks around it.

To make fondant dinosaurs I picked two of his favourite dinosaur toys and just made a marshmallow copy of them, the best I could. These fondant dinosaurs turned out very real and cute. To make them look more real I used a small sponge and food colouring to “paint” the backs and legs of these marshmallow fondant dinosaurs.

To match the theme of this dinosaur birthday cake for kids I used dinosaur themed candles. Five different dinosaur candles went right on this cake along the jelly river to compliment the idea of this dinosaur cake.

Inside it was a chocolate mud cake. Very simple to make and this was exactly what kids loved. All kids love chocolate and many kids don’t like any fillings inside the birthday cake. So I decided to go with a chocolate mud cake for this dinosaur birthday cake to create a sweet treat for kids that they would love.

As a result it was a yummy chocolate mud cake for kids decorated as a dinosaur birthday cake with fondant decorations of dinosaurs, trees, volcano and other. Everything on this cake was edible and very sweet.

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Date: 12/09/2011


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