Jungle Cake

Jungle Cake for Kids
Jungle Cake for Kids
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Here we go! That is the result of many hours of work during hot days in Sydney. I used the jungle cake decorations I made a few days ahead and which I talked about in my previous post. First lesson I learnt from this is that I really need to plan my birthday cake design, size and shape very precisely from the very beginning. I made the marshmallow fondant jungle cake decorations of a particular size having just a rough idea of the shape and the size of the cake. But then I changed my mind and made a different size and shape of the cake itself and in the beginning I was a bit worried that my jungle animals decorations will not fit nicely on the cake now. But it turned out very nice and I could figure out how to decorate my jungle birthday cake and it still looked as good as I planned and wanted. Lion cake decoration

I think this would be a perfect birthday cake for boys as well as girls. Kids all love jungle animals, well... any animals really, especially when they are so yummy! Some ideas were coming as I was decorating the birthday cake. It very often happens to me and till the very last moment I don’t know exactly what I am going to get as the result. It is a lot of fun and the best thing is that it keeps my mind busy all the time. I keep thinking about something for the cake decorations every second while I’m doing it. It is so fascinating. giraffe cake decoration

The birthday cake itself was a butter cake with lemon filling. I whipped some butter with sugar and added cooked semolina with grated lemons. Semolina adds a lot of lightness to the buttercream. It makes it smooth, light and just not like any basic butter cream. Lemons also add a lot of flavour and some bitterness to such a sweet and rich cake.

As it always happens with such cakes, the animal fondant decorations are taken off in a second by kids when they are allowed to eat a birthday cake and mostly the adults then enjoy the cake itself. Well... it is birthday – happy time for everyone!


jungle cake monkey decoration


jungle animal cake decorations


jungle cake decorations


jungle birthday cake for kids

Date: 15/11/2009


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Excellent! It's perfectly. I like to taste it... ))



The taste of the cake also was so great! Thank you a lot!!!



I cannot get enough just looking at them! They are so pretty :)


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That cake is awesome! Wish I was that talented ...


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your cake is wonderful so cute iam making a jungle cake for my sons 4th birthday so was looking for animals to make came across this picture and so cute iam going to use you pictures to make my animals thanks so much great work



Thank you. I wish you good luck with the jungle animals. It is a lot of fun to make them. That would be cool if you send the picture of your cake and a short discription of how much fun and joy it was to make it, using the 'contact me' form. It would be a great thing for people like you looking for ideas and experience of others. and also I would be over the moon to see another cake inspired by my work. Thank you.

Rishka Adamson


It looks to pretty to eat!!!

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