Peacock Birthday Cake

Peacock Birthday Cake
Peacock Birthday Cake
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This is a peacock themed birthday cake. I loved the idea of showing the beauty of peacocks and decorate this peacock birthday cake the way to show romance, love and beauty of these amazing birds.

One of the main features of this peacock cake design is the long colourful tale of a male peacock bird. I wanted it to have a central position on the cake and I tried to show it length and beauty by the range of blue colours and many many small fondant feathers.

To create a romantic look of the peacock cake I made some bright red fondant roses to decorate the top and a bit of bottom tiers. To make these fondant roses extra special and shiny I dipped them into red sparkles. These are non-toxic sparkles for sugarcraft decorations. I would say it is not the best thing to consume but looks so pretty on sugarcraft and just makes it alive and super sparkly.

The peacocks are also edible as all decorations on this peacock cake and made of marshmallow fondant. I added some colour to the peacocks wings and tales with food colours and a thin brush.

Inside it was a chocolate cake with the layers of lemon filling. I made the filling with butter, sugar, semolina and lemons. Such filling goes very well with chocolate cake flavour. And what I love the most about it is that it is quite firm and keeps a cake in its shape very well which is so important for covering a cake with fondant and cake decorating.

As a result the cake turned out the way you see and I just loved it, it colours, peacock decorations, fondant flowers and of course the taste.

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Date: 23/05/2011


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Oh my god. This cake is so beautiful. U got which an amazing talent. Thank u for posting such a lovely cake with instructions. I'm in love with this cake!!!

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