Flower Pot Nappy Cake

Flower Pot Nappy Cake
Flower Pot Nappy Cake
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This flower pot nappy cake is made with love and care to become a baby shower gift or a newborn baby gift. It is made in a shape of a pot with baby colour washcloth roses. Altogether it looks very sweet and pretty for a baby gift.

This flower pot nappy cake contains 10 Baby Love nappies, 13 face washers and a cuddle blanket. It is amazing how you can turn these fabulous baby things into such a pretty flower pot nappy cake, decorated with three little white roses and golden yellow ribbon. For a final touch I cut some green paper leaves.

Such pot nappy cake would be a nice table decoration on any baby shower party. But even better it would be a nicest baby shower gift. You gift flowers in a pot that will make any mum-to-be happy and smiling and also it will be very pleasant and useful for the new baby later on.

This unique roses pot nappy cake has unisex colours and can be a perfect gift for either baby girl or a baby boy.

It is very safe and wise to buy a nappy cake gift for a baby when it is not clear whether it is going to be a boy or a girl. With such unisex baby present as this pot nappy cake you will be always in a win-win situation with your baby gift.

This flower pot nappy cake is not big, it is just the right size for a warming present at such a happy and joyful time for a new family.

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Date: 20/07/2011


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