Forest Animals Birthday Cake

Forest Animals Birthday Cake
Forest Animals Birthday Cake
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This forest animals birthday cake was inspired by a Russian tale story called “Kolobok” which is similar to the Gingerbread Man story. In “Kolobok” story a dough ball was escaping from forest animals in order not to be eaten. This novelty birthday cake with fondant animals would be a perfect unique birthday cake for kids.Kolobok

Inside it was a chocolate and vanilla cake made in “zebra” way. It is when you spoon each chocolate and vanilla dough in turns and at the end have a zebra kind of patterns. It looks very pretty and it is so delicious and soft. Normally if you make a basic chocolate birthday cake then it may turn out too heavy and sweet. When zebra birthday cake could be a much better option, as it has chocolate and vanilla in one.

I cut the zebra sponges in two parts and layers them with light chocolate mascarpone filling. I added some sour cream into the mascarpone filling to add a bit of sourness and softness to the cream.

The most fun was to decorate this unique fairy tale cake. I used marshmallow fondant to cover the cake and make forest animals. For colouring I used liquid and gel food colours. I made animals from that story that the birthday girl liked the most at that time which you can see ofodnant mushroomsn the pictures. They are fondant rabbit, which was so cute with those little fondant whiskers and little pink nose. Then there was a fondant fox with a little flower. The main feature of that kind of fox is a big fluffy furry tail with a white end. Another one was a big fat teddy bear with a barrel of honey. We all know bears and honey always go well together. The last one was a fondant wolf, which I loved a lot. All the fondant animals on that novelty birthday cake turned out so cute and so sweet.

In order to create a forest like look, I made some fondant trees, fondant flowers and leaves, butterflies, and drew some green curls on the sides of the forest birthday cake. My favourite part of the forest cake decorations was the bridge that goes over the fondant river with fondant yellow ducks. It looks so real and so cartoony. I found the stone path very pretty and bright. That is the path that this dough ball was walking though the forest and meeting all those animals.

fondant animals decorations

forest animals birthday cake

fondant fox decoration

fondant rabbit decoration

fondant teddy bear decoration

fondant wolf decoration

fondant duck decorations

Date: 19/03/2010


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What a beautiful cake! All the fondant figurines are so cute. Do you use thin icing to draw in their faces?

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