Roses bouquet cake

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This cake is one of my favourites. This was the cake I absolutely enjoyed making and it turned out even more beautiful than I expected. That was a birthday of my sister-in-law. I really wanted to make something girly, sweet, colourful and impressive. And I thought that a bouquet of flowers was a perfect idea!

That was a really sweet cake outside as well as inside. Yeah, this time I totally went for sweat. A sweet cake for a sweet girl. It was a caramel cake with caramel butter cream inside. Absolutely delicious and nice looking cake. Even though it wasn’t exactly the same as on the baking book picture, but still tasted so good. I think the matter was in the caramel itself. The caramel syrup that I had to add into the dough hardened so quickly and it turned into tiny hard peaces as I was adding the syrup into the dough. As the result I had dough with lots of tiny caramel peaces. I was afraid that caramel will dry and become too hard to bite and eat. But no, it melted beautifully while the cake was in the oven and the sponge was sweet and soft with tasty caramel flavour.

The outside was decorated with fondant. I loved the process of making fondant roses and leaves. It is so fascinating! All kitchen table was covered with all sorts of little glasses, foil rings, egg containers with fondant roses setting inside. I needed them to dry to be a particular shape as they are soft when you just make them and need a couple of hours until they dry and keep their shape firmly. The most exciting was to assemble the bouquet itself. I just loved it! I little bright pink ribbon added a bit of colour to the whole picture and together with the paper note made a perfect final touch.

roses bouquette birthday cake

Date: 12/09/2009


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This cake is beautiful. I am going to try & make this for my mothers 62nd birthday this year.

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