Baby Shower Washcloth Lollies

Baby Shower Washcloth Lollies
Baby Shower Washcloth Lollies
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Baby shower is one of the nicest event for any mum-to-be. And this day is full of pretty colours, cute baby themed decorations, smiles and lots of baby talks and fun games to play.
Lollies have always been favourite treats for everyone. And any baby shower shouldn’t be without some. In this case it is about face washer or washcloth baby shower lollies. They are very cute and wrapped in crispy cellophane, just like real lollies.

Such washcloth lollies would be perfect for baby shower table decorations, baby shower favors or prizes. Just put some of these face washers lollies on the tables or next to each plate and you’ll see how nice and sweet the table will become.

Such washcloth lollies can also be used for nappy cake decorations or just like a separate baby shower gift or a newborn baby gift. Just put them in a nice box and tie with a bright bow and here you have a cute little present for a new mum and her baby created and decorated in a very special way.

These washcloth lollies can be used not only as a baby shower party decoration or a nicely looking baby surprise gift but it can also be sued after for baby needs, like baby feeding, baby washing or baby cleaning.

These small washcloth lollies are so easy to make and just with a proper pretty package it will make the best thing for whatever reason you might need them. Just make sure that you choose the right colour scheme for your washcloth lollies.


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Date: 18/07/2011


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