Shoe Box Birthday Cake

Shoe Box Birthday Cake
Shoe Box Birthday Cake
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This Lady Shoe Birthday cake was an attempt to create a colourful but elegant birthday cake for a young lady. This stylish shoe cake has warm colours and romantic marshmallow fondant roses. The idea is simple but beautiful for an adult cake.

This Shoe box birthday cake has just a few decorations but they still make this birthday cake stand out. The centre element of this special girly birthday cake is the shoe.

The shoe decoration is made with marshmallow fondant and a few little non-edible decorations. I had to use a wooden stick as well to make the heel stand. You may think that this shoe cake decoration is not good for eating. Well… yes, but being hand made it is still very unique and special. It is mostly made of fondant, which still makes it a well deserved part of this cake creation.

To make such shoe box cake for your occasion you basically need to bake and layer a rectangular cake. Then you need to cut a bit off the top of the cake so to create a slight angle. Cover your cake with any colours or patterns you choose, to make it look like you have a top and a bottom part of your shoe cake.

If you decide to decorate it with fondant roses like a did. Just make them on toothpicks and stick them on the highest side of the shoe box cake to make it look like the lid is going a little up on one side where roses stick out.

Play round your ideas and colours. I’m sure there are many more other ways you could make a shoe box cake. Good luck!


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Date: 07/05/2014


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