Snowman Cake

Homemade Snowman Cake
Homemade Snowman Cake
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It’s been quite rainy and fresh this time on Christmas holidays in Sydney. It reminded me of winter time in Europe when there is lots of crispy snow and fresh frosty air. When I was a kid and I think many kids still do it in winter, I liked making snowmen from fluffy snow. The best fun was to assemble it and made nose, mouth, eyes and hands from all sorts of different things that were available around.

I thought that a snowman cake for a birthday, Christmas or a New Year party would be a perfect treat. Kids love them and grown-ups do too. Such snowman cake brings a bit of winter in every Australian house during warm summer Christmas days.

This time I stepped away from a basic butter cake for a moment. I found my grandmother’s handwritten recipe, which I was very excited about. It is very simple but turned out so tasty and so sweet. I put a can of condensed milk, a cup of flour and a bit of soda with a table spoon of buttermilk, one egg and just mixed it all together. That was it. I baked it for about 45 min in a hot oven. Condensed milk caramelized a little and added a lot of sweet flavor to the cake.

The filling was very smooth and light. I made it from sour cream and sugar. I just whipped it all until it became soft, light and doubled in volume. I added a bit of gelatin as the filling was quite soft and runny. It is best to leave such cakes in the fridge overnight.

On the next day I assembled the snowman cake, covered it with white marshmallow fondant. I made fondant hat, scarf and buttons. I used writing black and red icing for small details. Then I brushed the snowman with a little water and sprinkled with coconut.

I think this cake would take its place among my other novelty homemade cakes. It turned out bright, snowy, funny and really delicious.


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Date: 04/01/2010


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