Basket of Roses Lemon Cake

This basket of roses cake is very sweet and has lemon butter cream inside and out. It is decorated to look like a basket with roses. I used a bit of marshmallow fondant and butter cream to make a basket kind of pattern and butter cream roses. Such basket cake would make a fantastic birthday cake surprise.

Pink Roses and Butterflies Cake

This pink cake with fondant roses and sugar butterflies was one of my first attempts to work with fondant cake decorations. Even though it has a few flaws this roses and butterflies cake was made with lots of love and passion.

Cheesecake with fruits and caramel

This cheese cake was made and decorated with lots of passion and working on it I practiced how to work with sugar decorations, which was so hard but lots of fun. A decorated this cheese cake with lots of colorful fruits and whole cherries and swirls and curls of caramelized sugar.

Roses bouquet cake

This is a rose bouquet birthday cake. It is decorated to create the look of a wrapped bouquet of roses. I covered the cake with marshmallow fondant and put a couple of layers of fondant to create a more real wrapping paper. To make this bouquet bright and happy I made fondant roses of different colours.

Chocolate and Strawberries Birthday Cake

This is the most chocolate cake I’ve made do far. It is chocolate inside and out. And of course strawberries were the main decoration as they are the best to decorate with chocolate and taste so good with chocolate together.

Car Cake

It is a very simple red car birthday cake made for my little boy’s birthday. It was a very simple sponge cake with poppy seeds and raisins. It is covered with marshmallow fondant and decorated with writing icing and poppy seeds on the wheels. It is quite simple but very quick and cute way to make your kids birthday special.

Airplane cake

This is a very simple and fast to make airplane birthday cake. It is cut to make an airplane shape and covered with whipped cream which I coloured in the favourite colours of the birthday boy. This kind of cake is for those who have not much time for detailed decorations and fondant making. It is still bright and pretty and all little ones will be happy to blow birthday candles on their favourite character birthday cake.

Birthday cake with roses

A very simple chocolate cake with cream colour roses is one of the best and pretty options for a small adult birthday party. It is simple but elegant. This kind of cakes are made to taste delicious and can be decorated in a more simple way. Even having a few little fondant roses on top it still talks “celebration”.

1st Birthday Cake

Number shaped cakes are very popular birthday cakes for kids and adults as well. Numbers are very symbolic and are used to underline the age of a birthday person and this cake idea is used a lot to celebrate very special dates like first birthday or twenty first birthday and so on. This number one birthday cake was very special for us as we celebrated our child’s first birthday.
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