Pink Roses and Butterflies Cake

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This cake was made with lots of love for one of my friends. I was inspired by all these pretty pictures of sugar butterflies and fondant roses on other cakes. And I decided to try to make my own and see how it looks.

Inside again I made a basic butter cake and divided it in three layers. For the filling I chose whipped cream with strawberries for one layer and for another I used whipped cream with cherries. I think whipped cream with fruits or berries makes the filling light and not too sweet, and fruits add a little sourness to it for a perfect combination.

The decoration took quite some time to make. First of all I made marshmallow fondant and divided it in two halves. One I made a bit darker pink colour to have some contrast with the roses. I needed to cover my cake with butter cream I think, and put it in a fridge to set before I covered it with the fondant, because the sides did not look as even as I wanted them to be. Next time I will certainly do that.  

Then I whipped some egg whites with sugar and made royal icing butterflies and green leaves applying the mixture on the baking paper with a draft picture on the other side, so I could still see the lines. They dried so quickly and I attached them to the cake with some writing icing. That was really easy. The butterflies and leaves were so fragile though, so I was happy I made a few spare ones.

I absolutely enjoyed it and want to work with this sugar mixture again to try new ideas and designs.

pink roses cake

Date: 19/09/2009


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I love this cake! The simplicity of the design is what makes it so appealing. Ive looked at so many fondant cake designs that are too 'busy'. I was wondering do you have a good recipe for royal icing as the one i have tried didnt harden properly. Thanks your website i my new favorite

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