Train and Teddy Bears Birthday Cake

train and teddy bears birthday cake
train and teddy bears birthday cake
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This birthday cake was specially made for a wonderful little boy Samuel, my son’s best friend at the kindy. It was a two level birthday cake covered with marshmallow fondant. I decorated it with some cute little teddy bears holding letters to make the name of the birthday boy. The cake also had a train with three carriages and each of them carried a farm animal and a birthday candle. I think that looked really nice. And on the very top there was a little boy holding a birthday present and there were some more presents around him.fondant cake top Most of the cake was covered with green fondant to make the look of the grass and hills and the top was blue with white clouds. And I thought it would be cute if I put a boy on a big cloud with presents. There also were a few white fondant butterflies which I think added lightness and a gentle touch to such a colourful birthday cake.

I wanted this birthday cake to be as good inside as it was outside. The taste as I mentioned before is very important for me. I always want the excitement from a cake to continue even when a cake is cut in pieces. I knew it was a cake for kids mainly so I decided to make a basic butter cake and add some raisins and dried apricots inside. fondant butterflyThat is what kids like and what added healthy sweetness to the cake. For the filling I used my favourite caramel butter cream. Altogether it turned out a very sweet cake. But it is a kids birthday cake and that is what kids like most about a birthday party which is a special time when they are allowed to eat sweet treats like lollies, fairy bread, muffins, pop corn and of course a birthday cake. That was so funny, when kids were allowed to start eating the birthday cake, all decorations were gone in a flash. I was so happy that I decided to go with edible decorations. It was so much fun for the kids to eat the teddy bears, the presents and especially butterflies. Even Maxim, who usually doesn't eat chocolate and cakes, absolutely loves decorations made with marshmallow fondant.


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Date: 13/10/2009


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