Car Cake

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For Max’s party I made another cake. This time it was a red car cake. Being very busy with my work I decided to go again with a simple poppy seeds and raisins sponge cake.

I made a smaller size this time. I baked it in a round base and using paper and toothpicks again cut out a very simple car shape.


I simply rolled a big circle and covered my car shaped sponge with it. Then I had some white fondant left and made the windows. I spread a bit of butter cream on the wheel parts and then covered it with poppy seeds. Then I used some writing icing to finish the peace. Unexpectedly for me it turned out a very cute little red car cake. It didn’t take much time and Max just loved it! He was so excited! That was the best reward I could ever have for my work!

Date: 03/09/2009


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