1st Birthday Cake

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I discovered my interest in cakes and cake decorations when I made a cake for my little boy’s first birthday. I saw how much fun it could be. The process itself was so fascinating. Having little experience in baking and making icing, it took quite a bit of time. Anyway, that was the time I really enjoyed.

I have learned a few lessons though: silly me, I used salted butter for my butter cream icing. It still tasted ok, but that was something I would never never do again. Another thing was that I didn’t beat the butter long enough to become really white and fluffy, so it was harder to use with the icing bag and after a night in the fridge it became a bit too firm.

Inside I made a very simple vanilla sponge with caramel, cream and walnuts filling. I decorated it with sugar farm animals. Having no skills yet and time for making my own at that time I bought some from local supermarket. They were really cute and so easy to use!!

Apart from the icing the cake tasted really good! Everyone loved it. By the way, I forgot to mention, that I chose a number one shape for the first birthday cake. I believed that the first birthday is very special occasion and symbolic, and this is how the cake should look like. We could have round, square, car or flower shaped cakes for any other birthday, but the first birthday was “number one” occasion for us!

Date: 31/05/2009


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