Chocolate and Strawberries Birthday Cake

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One day I made a cake for another birthday man, also very close to me, for my dad. I just wanted it to be rich and big as my dad is, and also sweet and, of course, chocolate, as my dad likes. It was a three layers cake, very tall and with lots of chocolate inside and outside.

That is why I decided to try a chocolate sponge this time. That was very easy to make with some butte, milk, sugar, cocoa powder, flower and eggs. This is a very classic sponge. I just wanted to make a very nice and light filling in order not to make this cake too heavy and too sweet. So I came up with the idea of a ricotta (with some sugar and jelly) and strawberries filling. It really added lightness to the cake and made a beautiful combination with chocolate. In addition it gave it a beautiful range of brown and white colours brightened with small red strawberry quarters. 

I decided to make a simple decoration with strawberries dipped in white chocolate with dark chocolate stripes to add some brightness to the whole picture. Also some coconut flakes on the sides made the look light and fluffy. I was happy to make this cake a day before as it is suitable to be kept in a fridge. It also helped all the chocolate cover to set. What a combination it was: chocolate, ricotta cream and strawberries! And in addition the cake was not too sweet; it was a perfect treat with a cup of tea!

chocolate cake with strawberries

Date: 09/09/2009


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Jummy! I would like to have one of these for my next birthday, too. Let me know if you sell them in Germany. :-)

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