Fondant Fairy Decoration

Fondant Fairy Decoration
Fondant Fairy Decoration
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I’ve been thinking about making something sweet and pretty for quite some time. Hundreds of ideas have gone through my mind and one day I thought that I want to do something special and unusual. I’m going to make a flower cake with a beautiful fondant fairy sitting on it. It would make a perfect birthday fairy cake for a girl. I will see one girl, my niece, on the weekend in Davidson Park, Sydney and hope to make a great sweet surprise for her.

I know that small details and especially fondant fairy would take a long time so I started working on the fairy today. It took me about 4 hours to prepare marshmallow fondant of all needed colours and finally make the top part of the fondant fairy body.

I made the body first then arms. I let the arms dry a little before attaching them to the body. I used two short pieces of a toothpick to attach the arms. Then I put on this white piece to make the look better. I put a head on a toothpick to hold it straight. I made hair with yellow marshmallow fondant and put a flower hat on top. I thought it might make the look of the little fairy girl much nicer and more interesting.

I also made white butterfly wings and will attach them later to the fairy’s back as it dries nicely. I used very thing brush and blue and pink food colours to decorate the wings and make them more playful and bright.

This was actually the first time when I tried to draw on the marshmallow fondant with a very thin brush and food colours. I thought that because the colours are liquid they will leak but no, it was ok and I could draw eyelashes and lips on the face. It looks much better rather than if you do it with fondant, because the lines are much thinner and look more real.

I’m going to finish the whole flower and fairy cake in a couple of days. I will certainly post the pictures and will tell how everything went.


fondant fairy decoration

Date: 21/10/2009


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