Airplane cake

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Oh Boy! You are three! And at this age Max understands so much and realizes so well that it is his birthday coming. As it happned so that at this stage he was so crazy about red colour, everything he got had to be red, like.. cloths, shoes, sunnies, cars, goggles, hats, and of course a birthday cake! That is why I decided to make two of his favourites this time: a red airplane and a red car!

A red airplane was for the party in the kindy. I knew he would be so excited about it and so proud to share it with other kids. Having my assignment due at the very same time I couldn’t spend hours on baking. And I made a simple vanilla sponge with raisins and poppy seeds. It was sweet and quite unexpectedly for me – very yummy! And I thought that it was something that kids would really like. Simple, but so tasty.

It was a bit of a challenge to form an airplane shape though. I found it very handy to make a paper shape first. And that is when our daddy got involved too to help me with the airplane. I attached the paper to the top of the sponge with toothpicks, so the paper couldn’t move. And then just simply cut around the paper shapes with the knife. That is how I got 5 pieces: the body, 2 for the wings and 2 for the tail. Then I whipped some thickened cream and divided it in two parts. I added red food colouring in one part, and then decorated the airplane cake. Then I used writing icing for the writing and made the engines with simple crackers and icing. It all was pretty quick, tasty and looked nice as well.

airplane birthday cake

Date: 01/09/2009


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