Spring-Autumn Seasons Birthday Cake

Spring-Autumn Seasons Birthday Cake
Spring-Autumn Seasons Birthday Cake
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My plans changed and I had to put the fairy and flower birthday cake aside. On Friday morning I was told that the next day we would celebrate my brother’s birthday, which was a big surprise for me. I had big plans for this birthday cake and I still followed them but had to make a few changes so I could do it all in time.

For this birthday cake I thought about seasons. His birthday is in October which is an autumn month in Europe, where we came from and here, in Australia, it is spring time. And I came up with the idea to divide the cake into spring and autumn halves.

Thus half of it was light green, which is the colour of fresh leaves and grass.

And the other one was brown, which is one of the colours of autumn.

Then of course there was a marshmallow tree. A tree is the best thing to characterise seasons, because its leaves change colours and it always looks so pretty. For a tree I chose a birch, which is a very beautiful and popular tree in Europe. On the very top I put two light and colourful marshmallow butterflies and a ladybird to show the lightness and freshness of spring.

marshmallow ladybird

On the other half there were a few mushrooms, which are always picked in autumn in Europe and so associated with autumn.

Inside it was a butter cake with citrus filling. The filling was so refreshing and delicious. I cooked some cornflour with lemon and orange juices and zest and of course some sugar and I got thick and bright crème.

It was a perfect birthday dessert for a party in the park in hot weather.


spring autumn birthday cake

citrus cake slice


Date: 27/10/2009


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