Birthday cake with roses

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My husband has birthdays soon after my son, so I didn’t have to wait long to make one more cake, which I was so excited about. This time I decided to make a cake with thin sponge layers with butter cream filling. It always looks beautiful when you cut it and so soft inside and you feel the layers of the filling and sponges with every bite. Yummm!!

It is always a bit hard to decorate a cake for a birthday man. It is so much easier to do for kids or ladies, where you can get lost in all this variety of colours and all kinds of flowers and other pretty stuff. So this time I decided to go simply with chocolate cover with little cream colour roses and some white cream swirls to add a bit of lightness to the look I also made lines with the knife visually dividing the cake in peaces. I thought it would make it look a bit more interesting. 

The cake looked good and tasted delicious, but the only thing I would personally change in it is the texture. I would like it to be softer and lighter. Butter cream becomes quite firm after it sets in a fridge. If you want to make your cake more delicate I would make a simple cream filling, when you beat thickened cream (but not too dry) for the filling, it has to be quite soft and smooth for the sponge to absorb it. I believe it will make a layered cake really light and beautiful.

chocolate cake with roses

Date: 28/07/2009


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