Edible Cake Images

Edible Cake Images
Edible Cake Images
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One of the most convenient, easy, simple but still very impressive cake decorating techniques and ideas is to apply edible cake images on top of your cake or cupcakes. You just simply bake a basic cake or cupcakes, cover it with fondant or icing and then place your edible cake image on top. The cake will magically turn into a beautiful and colourful birthday cake, decorated with your favourite image to match the theme of the party and make your birthday cake extra pretty and special.

You can find many options to order an edible cake image online. There are also many ways to personalize your birthday cake not only with edible cake image but also with personal writing on the icing image. This is a fantastic cake decorating idea! You can create a personalized birthday cake using a photo of a child, person or any photo actually to transform it into an personalized edible icing image and make your cake unique and special.

Normally the ingredients of edible cake images contain of corn starch, glutinous rice, glucose, sugar, Arabic gum, polysorbate60 vanilla flavour and colours. However you should always specify it with the vendor as the ingredients of edible cake images may vary.

This is also a bit tricky to work with the edible cake image (especially for the first time). Here are a few helpful instructions and tips:

1. While not in use store your edible cake image sealed in room temperature. Not in refrigerator!!!

2. Remove the edible cake image carefully from the package

3. Then you need to remove the image from the special sheet. To do it correctly, do not use your nails or any other sharp object, you may damage the edible icing image. Just hold the corners (edible image side up) and roll across a sharp edge of a table working from all sides towards the centre.

4. Place the edible cake image on the covered cake. The icing should be fresh and moist. If you use fondant, just brush it lightly with a wet brush. The moisture helps to glue the edible image to the cake and stay in place.

5. If any air bubbles appear just gently smooth them with clean dry hands.

6. If you cake is covered with butter cream or fresh whipped cream it is better to apply the edible cake image immediately before serving.

I used an edible cake image for one of my cakes, the book cake, and it worked really well and I was amazed how fast and easy you can create a beautiful and the most important edible image on the cake. It is truly one of the best cake decorations and it adds something very special to the cake that you can’t just make out of fondant or by painting with a brush. It is just another independent and very worthy way of birthday cake decorating.

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Date: 20/09/2010


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