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Book Cake
Book Cake
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Book cakes are very popular cake design ideas for many occasions in Sydney. Book cakes are made as birthday cakes for adults as well as birthday cakes for kids, as wedding and anniversary cakes and for many other events. There are many ways you can create your perfect novelty book shaped cake.

I’ve decided to go with that idea of a birthday book cake. I covered my cake board with plastic icing and painted it with brown food colour using a wide brush which helped me to create a timber kind of pattern to illustrate a table. Then I made two cakes and shaped them with a knife into two halves of a book. Shaping the cake is one of the best parts of birthday cake decorating; it is when you start seeing how your novelty birthday cake will look like.

The idea behind that novelty birthday book cake was to make an opened book where on one page you see the picture of a birthday girl, which I made with an edible image, and on the other page you write a personalized birthday congratulations and wishes or just nice words about that person in a poem or prose or just form or a short “Happy Birthday” message.

I used marshmallow fondant, as always, to cover the cake and make a fondant cup as well.

One of the new things I tried this time was that edible cake image. I’ve learnt how to order edible cake images online and how to apply an edible image onto the book cake. That is so amazing how much you can improve your cake design by using an edible cake image. Sometimes you just can’t paint or draw some things that are important or can add an irreplaceable touch to any novelty birthday cake, and edible cake images just give you that valuable chance. There are not only edible cake images but also edible cupcake images, which is really cool.

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Date: 28/06/2010


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