Q: How to Make a Jungle Cake?

Jungle Cake
Jungle Cake
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Q: Hello !

I just discovered your wonderful jungle birthday cake of internet it’s look so great.

I really love to it for the birthday of my son. May I ask you to tell me how you did ?
I’m very impressed in all the details, the trees, the animals I’m impressed in everything’s. WOW !!
How many hours did you need to do it ?

I’m leaving in Switzerland and I hope I will find all the ingredients.

Thank you so much.

Kind regards,



A: Dear Christine,

Thank you for your kind words about my homemade jungle cake. This cake was a lot of work as you not only have to bake and make the filling but also cover the cake and make every fondant animal figure individually. It took me about 10-12 hours from start to finish.

Well.. I could give you some simple instructions on this cake decorating you can follow and try to create your own masterpiece.

Step1: Bake one rectangle cake (which you use for the lower tier) and one small round cake (which you use for the top).

Step2: Prepare your favourite filling and then cut your sponges in halves or in three parts and layer with fillings and then assemble your two cakes separately. Cover them both with jam or butter cream or chocolate so the marshmallow fondant sticks nicely to the cakes.

Step3: Cover each cake with green coloured marshmallow fondant. Your round cake has to be on the same size board. And when you cover your round cake with the fondant you need to cover the sides of the board as well to hide them. You can find instructions on how to make marshmallow fondant on my blog.

Step4: On the spot where you place your round cake on top of the rectangle one you insert wooden sticks of the same height as the depth of your rectangle cake. so when you place your round cake on this spot with inserted sticks, they will hold the round cake so it doesn't press too much on the rectangle cake.

Step5: Prepare marshmallow fondant of all colours that you will need. And then you just make those fondant animals, caterpillars, leaves which I used to hide the bottom lines of the cakes, then waterfall, fish and etc. You can find here almost all these fondant jungle animals pictured separately.

You can cut out leaves with special cutter or just with sharp knife, it just will take longer. The palm trees - you make brown fondant balls and put them on the wooden skewers. then you roll out green fondant and cut out palm tree top. I didn't make the leaves separately because it is hard to assemble them. I just made it as one piece and using some icing just "glued" on top of the stem.

For drawing on the fondant I just used food colours and a very thin brush.

Just keep trying and I'm sure you'll get a wonderful result.

That would be nice if you could send me the picture of your cake with some description and I could post it here.  That would be really nice to share your experience to help others with their questions and worries.

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to ask,

Happy caking!


Date: 25/01/2010


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