Baby Pram Nappy Cake

Baby Pram Nappy Cake
Baby Pram Nappy Cake
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This is one of the ways to make a very special themed nappy cake as a baby shower gift or newborn baby gift. This nappy cake is made to look like a baby pram for a little baby girl.

It contains 54 BabyLove nappies, 3 baby wrappers and lots of bright pink ribbons, bows and flowers to make it extra nice.

Inside you see a pink bunny toy which matches the colour scheme and the theme of the wrappers used on this baby pram nappy cake. The bunny hold a little baby washcloth cupcake with a ribbon rose on top. It adds extra sweetness to the whole idea of this nappy cake for a baby girl.

Such baby carriage nappy cake would be a perfect baby shower gift. It would make a very nice and attractive cute girly centrepiece at any baby shower party. And I’m pretty sure it would make any mum-to-be smile and feel the excitement of the new baby coming.

This baby pram nappy cake could also be a nice gift for a newborn baby. First of all in this cake you will know for sure the sex of the baby and the colours and the design of the cake will be absolutely right.

What is good about nappy cakes is that they look like a cake or like something from the most used baby staff and thus reminds of something very special and joyful. And after all it is a very nice and useful baby gift. The nappies, baby wrappers, washcloths and any other baby stuff that can be used on nappy cakes all of this will be used for the new baby.

This is just one of many nappy cake ideas. This baby carriage nappy cake design idea just shows you the idea how to make a very special nappy cake for a baby girl.

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Date: 16/05/2011


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