Spiderman Car Birthday Cake

Spiderman Car Birthday Cake
Spiderman Car Birthday Cake
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A spiderman racing car birthday cake is one of the best cake decorating ideas for a boy’s birthday party of any age starting from around four. My boy turned four a few days ago and this was his dream cake. As you see this age group is too young to watch the movie but oh so many little boys just LOVE spiderman and have all things with spiderman themed images, like backpacks, jackets etc.

A spiderman themed birthday cake is very popular among boys and would be the best birthday surprise for any birthday boy. There are many birthday cake decorating ideas to make and decorate spiderman birthday cake in many ways.

This spiderman themed cake was made as a spiderman car birthday cake. I made it all red and drew lots of spider web patterns in different spots of the spiderman car cake. I liked the idea to make headlights of the spiderman themed car cake in the shape of spiderman eyes. It looked really cool.

On the top of the car birthday cake I drew a spider from the spiderman movie.

This novelty car cake was for about 40 people and to make this spiderman cake that big i baked three 22cm square chocolate mud cakes. I layered the cakes with whipped cream with vanilla and a bit of sugar.

I covered the spiderman car cake with marshmallow fondant and used food colouring and writing icing for drawings on this car birthday cake.

Making this spiderman car cake is a win win situation where you have a spiderman theme and a car – two favourite things of any boy. Hopefully, this spiderman themed car birthday cake for boys will inspire you on your spiderman themed creations to make your birthday party extra special and your birthday boy extra happy.

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Date: 06/09/2010


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Hope big "Spiderman" Max enjoyed it. you're the cake artist, Marina!

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