House Cake

House Cake
House Cake
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This is a very cute novelty house cake. It could be a birthday house cake or may be a welcome home house cake. It is also very popular to make sweet special cake replica of real houses. It can be a very cool surprise for your friends or family member who just bought a new house. It would also be very nice idea to make a special house cake for a wedding anniversary. But sometimes it is just fun to make a cool unique house cake for many other occasions.

This house cake is covered by marshmallow fondant. I use it a lot as it is so easy to make and it tastes great. It is sweet and stays quite soft on the cake. The house cake decorations are also made from marshmallows fondant. This time I didn’t go much for details, however, I made a very cute little fondant flower bed.

My favourite part is the fondant brown gate. I painted it with brown icing colour using a brush. A brush gives that unique texture. Looks really great and so real. Another feature that give a house cake a real fairy tale look is tiles on the roof.

I’m sure such any of such welcoming and special house cakes would make a very sweet and extravagant cake centrepiece for your party. It is a great house cake design idea to go for.

House Cake

novelty house cake

house birthday cake

Date: 27/04/2010


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Hi Marina, I like this cake too and I think all your cakes are beautiful. If I would get one I wouldn´t eat it. The cake would get an honourful place in my glass cabinet!

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