How to make marshmallow fondant
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How to make marshmallow fondant
How to make marshmallow fondant

Marshmallow fondant (MMF) is very popular in cake decorating. I think the best thing about it is that it is very easy to make and quite fast as well. You don’t need that many ingredients and the process itself is very easy. Almost everyone loves marshmallows. Why not to add a bit more of favourite sweetness to your special cake. Kids would be the first to love marshmallow cake decorations. I’ve used marshmallow fondant for all my cake decorations so far. However, I might start trying some new things, like sugar paste, but this type of fondant will always be my favourite. Many people are asking how to make marshmallow fondant. So this is the way I make it:

Step 1
I take marshmallows of one colour. Well, it depends on what colour you need to get at the end. If it is black, then you certainly don’t need to separate colours, just melt as many marshmallows as you need. It is not that easy to find just white marshmallows in any supermarket in Sydney. They are mainly pink and white in one pack (**). Or, sometimes I buy the packs with also yellow and orange in it. It is very convenient to have marshmallows already coloured in the colour you want the fondant to be.
The amount of marshmallows depends on how much fondant you need. If you just need a little amount to make a figure or a couple of flowers, then you need to take just a handful of marshmallows. If you need to cover the standard size cake, then you’ll probably need about 100 g of marshmallows. But it is always better to make a little more, just in case.
*** If you want to make flowers and figurines you will just have to knead in some Gum Tragacanth or Tylo powder so they dry up hard. This is where you can buy Gum Tragacanth or Tylo:

(**) Please see the comments kindly given below about where you can find just white marshmallows.

Step 2
Put the marshmallows in a heatproof bowl suitable for microwave. Add a tablespoon of water or lemon juice. Microwave for about 10-20 seconds until marshmallows double in size. Just like you see on the picture. Then mix it with the spoon and you will get a sticky soft mixture.

how to make marshmallow fondant
Step 3
You can colour the mixture now if you just need it to be one colour. If you need different colours you can separate the melted marshmallows mixture into separate bowls and colour them in different colours. I find colouring the soft mixture so much easier than colouring already kneaded fondant. It is ok to colour kneaded fondant, but it takes more time and work.

how to colour marshmallow fondant 
Step 4
Add sifted icing sugar into the mixture until it becomes hard to mix it with the spoon. Grease the working surface with some vegetable shortening*, then sift about a cup of icing sugar and put your mixture on it. Then keep kneading* and adding as much icing sugar as needed until you get the playdough like texture. It has to be soft to be able to work with it and roll but doesn’t have to stick to your fingers. If it still ticks to your fingers, just add more sugar. Let it cool.
***I use Copha vegetable shortening available in any supermarket in butter section.
***I use Copha to oil my hands while kneading to prevent fondant while still soft from sticking to my fingers.

ready to roll marshmallow fondant 
Step 5
Now use your imagination and start creating your masterpieces or just roll it to cover your cake.

fondant cake decorations
You can store marshmallow fondant up to 6 weeks in the fridge. You will need to cover it with cling wrap and put in an air tight container. When you need to use it, just put in a microwave for about 10-20 seconds again until it softens a bit to be able to work with it. If it softens too much just knead in a bit of icing sugar. If it is too dry then you can add a little water.
You can also freeze your marshmallow fondant for a couple of months.
If you need to store your dried fondant figures or flowers you’ll need to put them in an airtight container in a dry place where you can store them for about 2-3 months.

Date: 11/01/2010

Teri (28/03/2010)

Comment: Hi, Firstly I would like to say your jungle cake looks great and I am so excited to start making the animals. I did just wonder though is Marshmallow fondant similiar to other iced cakes where you can make it however far ahead of time and once the fondant is on it seals the cake and keeps it fresh. I basically am wondering if I can make the cake a week ahead of the party? Also is there any problems sticking the bits together at all? Many Thanks, Teri

Marina (28/03/2010)

Comment: Hi Teri. Thank you for your comment. Well if you want to stick marshmallow (or any other kind of) fondant together you just use a little bit of water as "glue". Because fondant has lots of sugar in it, water hleps to stick fodnant parts together. Also sometimes fondant is quite soft after you just make it. So when you make animals or any other things they may loose the shape. just let it set a little and then try again or add more sugar. About the cake. Marshmallow fondant stays quite soft even after you cover the cake. it doesn't dry that hard as other types of fondant do. I'm not sure if marshmallow fonant will preserve the cake as good. Also if there is any filling inside the cake you better keep it in the fridge or in a very cool place. Remember you can't put cake covered with fondant in a fridge. only in a cool and dry place. After you take the cake out of the fridge and it is very cold it may get a lot of condensate from the warm air around and become very wet.

Marina (28/03/2010)

Comment: BTW I'm very curious to look at your cake. Would be really cool if you send a pic. Thanks and good luck.

Marina (28/03/2010)

Comment: And I've never done a cake like a week ahead. yes I prepared some fondant decorations a few days ahead or sometimes more, but don't have much experience with making a cake a week before the party. I think you might need to find a recipe that tells that you cak keep that cake for this time for it to stay nice and fresh.

Kaisi (06/06/2010)

Comment: Hi Marina, your cakes are so cool! I have a couple of questions though. Is powdered sugar simply icing sugar, or is it something else entirely? Do you use anything between your cake and the icing/fondant? Thanks heaps, Kaisi

Marina (06/06/2010)

Comment: Hi Kaisi. thanks for your comment. when I mentioned powdered sugar I meant Icing sugar. It helps a lot to use jam or cream or chocolate ganache in between a cake and fondant. It helps fondant to stick to the cake nicely. Good luck.

Michelle (09/06/2010)

Comment: Hi! Just wondering how much gum tragacanth or tylo powder you need to add to the fondant in order to make flowers / figurines. Also, are these just available at the supermarket, or only from specialty cooking supply stores? Do you use powdered food colour or the liquid food dyes? Thanks!

Marina (09/06/2010)

Comment: Hi Michelle. You may try to add 1-3 teespoons of gum tragacanth depending on how much fondant you make. You can find it in specialty baking shops as well as online shops. Sometimes I use liquid food colours but if you really need to get reach colour and want to add more food colour it is better to use powdered or gel food colours, they don't make fondant as much liquit and sticky. Good luck.

luisa (15/06/2010)

Comment: Hi . your cakes are stunning . I just wanted to let you know that i found plain white marshmellows in IGA . they are Pascall mega marshmellows

Marina (15/06/2010)

Comment: Thank you so much. I will go right there next time as I'll be making a new cake very soon.

Hazel (24/06/2010)

Comment: I am about to make an upsy daisy cake for my little grand daughters birthday;Have never used marshmallow icing before,sounds great,can hardly wait to get started see how it turns out.I will keep you informed.Thanks for an informative website your cakes are fantastic.

Marina (24/06/2010)

Comment: Thank you for nice comments. Good luck with your cake. I'll be waiting for some news from you about how everything turned out. You are welcome to send (using contact me form) pictures and a short story about that cake to publish it here. Talk to you soon.

jasmine (06/07/2010)

Comment: Just a quick question, how do you colour the fondant? with food colouring or powdered food colouring? Would you know where I would get this from?

Marina (06/07/2010)

Comment: Hi Jasmine. I use liquid and gel food colouring. I find gel ones a lot better as they make it a lot easier to knead fondant and don't make it too wet Liquid colouring is still ok to use. you need to try and see what works for you better. Liquid colouring you can get in any supermarket like coles or woolworths. gel ones you might have to look in a specialty shops or online.

Nicole (23/07/2010)

Comment: Hi there just wondering what you use to stick your parts together for the figures.Just tried the fondant so easy to make.Thanks so much for all your instructions.

Marina (23/07/2010)

Comment: Hi Nicole, I use water to stick marshmallow fondant parts together. it is better to stick still fresh fondant parts, but if they are dry already they might still stick together it may just take more time that you will have to hold that part until it is glued well.

Lisa (23/07/2010)

Comment: Hi Marina, am very inspired by your cakes and designs - they are amazing. I am going to try and do a butterfly for my daughter's 1st birthday and am giving the marshmallow fondant a try. Just wondering how do you get it on the cake? I think I saw you said you can apply a butter icing to absorb all the crumbs underneath. But if you have to roll out the fondant like pastry, how do you get it on the cake and not have fold marks etc when you go over corners/edges? Sorry I've only ever done butter icing, so this is COMPLETELY new for me :) Also can you recommend a good choc mudcake recipe? Thanks so much, Lisa

Marina (23/07/2010)

Comment: Hi Lisa, it is best when you put butter cream underneath the fondant to have the butter cream really smooth and with no crumbs or cake pieces. the surface that you put your fondant on needs to be even and smooth otherwise any crumbs or sticking out pieces will be very visible through the fondant. After you put the rolled fondant onto the cake just use your hands or a special fondant smoother to work around the sides. top and edges of the cake. Just work carefully with it.

Angela (25/07/2010)

Comment: Hi Marina, After looking at your instructions for the marshmallow fondant, they are by far the easiest to follow. I am planning on making some daffodils with it for daffodil day, for cake or cupcakes. Was just wondering with the gum tragacanth or tylo powder, what size package does it come in and would you know an approximate cost of it? Also the specialty baking shops, where do I find those. Its all so confusing. I cant wait to try out your fondant and experiment with it. Hopefully it works out for me!!!! Thanks :)

Lisa (16/08/2010)

Comment: Thanks for sharing your cakes, they are amazing!! I am going to try the marshmallow fondant for my son's Ben 10 birthday cake but wondered if I can make it a few days (even a week if I can) in advance? I am going to use the fondant to make the faceplate so am hoping to make it the weekend before. What do you think? Will it still be ok? Thanks :)

Marina (16/08/2010)

Comment: Hi Lisa, thank you for your comment. You can absolutely make marshmallow fondant a week or even two weeks ahead. You will need to keep the fondant in an airtight container in the fridge. then you will need to warm it up in the microwave a little to make it smooth and ready to roll again. Already made figures and things from marshmallow fondant can be kept in an airtight container in a cool dry place for about a month.

Renee (25/08/2010)

Comment: Hi! I just made marshmallow fondant for the first time on the weekend to use on a birthday cake I made and it was awesome! Thanks so much for the guide on how to make it. I'm going to try making figures with it this weekend, and I just had a quick question...with your figures do you put the colouring in the fondant or do you paint it on after you have made them? Thanks again for the detailed instructions!

Marina (25/08/2010)

Comment: Hi Renee, I'm glad my instructions worked well for you. I hope it will help you create some amazing cakes in the future. About the figures it really depends. Sometimes I add colour into the fondant and sometimes I paint the figure or its parts. It depends on what effect you want to reach. Painting with a brush creates more texture and brighter colour when having the fondant coloured makes its colour smooth and soft.

Joanne (25/08/2010)

Comment: I have a wedding cake to ice in December. How far in advance can I ice the cake with fondant icing, bearing in mind the heat and humidity in the Queensland summer? Thank you

Marina (25/08/2010)

Comment: It is hard to say how long it would last in such conditions. I wouldn't give it more than a week. You will have to find a cool and dry place to keep anyway. You should also consider what is inside your cake if the sponges and the filling will stay edible being kept too long not in a fridge conditions. It would also help to cover your iced cake with fondant under paper or plastic cover to keep the moist and dust away from it.

Amanda (25/08/2010)

Comment: HI, many thanks for the idea! i have a couple of questions myself - how much marshmellow' do you use? Also, with the vegetable shortening - that is just to make the icing sugar stick to the bench yes? How would you make the fondant hard if you wanted to decorate the cake i.e a wedding cake or the roses as normally these are made from a stiff paste. thanks!

Marina (25/08/2010)

Comment: Hello, vegetable shortening just makes the fondant glossy and elastic. If you need to stick fondant decorations to the cake or figure parts together you just need to use a little bit of water. If you need to cover the standard size cake, you’ll probably need about 100 g of marshmallows. Normally marshmallow fondant details and figures dry out nicely but if you want to have them harder you need to knead in some Gum Tragacanth or Tylo powder so they dry up hard.

Erica (02/11/2010)

Comment: Where do you get Gum tragacanth or tylo powder in Townsville

Claire (11/11/2010)

Comment: Hi, I have just did a trial run of my daughters 1st birthday cake using your fondant icing and I love it!!! How great is it!! Just about to get a little more adventurous. Why didn't I discover this years ago, could have used it on my son's Birthday cakes. Thank you so much. My boys have been eating away on the icing, while I have been decorating, they love it, said it tastes like marshmallows!! LOL

Karen (17/11/2010)

Comment: HiTeri - Thank you so much for the receipe in how to make marshmellow fondant, it was soooooo easy and tasty, my family prefer this over the plain fondant. Just wondering if you have evey made almond fondant and if so any ideas would be wonderful, once again thanks and happy cake making for the future :0)

Marina (17/11/2010)

Comment: Hi Karen, I'm very happy that my how to make marshmallow fondant photo recipe worked well for you. that is true that many like the marshmallow taste, especially kids! :) I've never tried almond fondant. but it really sounds interesting and yummy!

Teresa (27/11/2010)

Comment: Erica, I purchased my tylose powder from Il Mondo in Townsville 150g for $12.95 otherwise you could try Happy Cakes in Townsville, they may be able to give you other places.

kristine (09/12/2010)

Comment: Oh my... it was SOOO easy to make!! Thank you!! So many american sites that i was confused over!! This made it so simple! I am making a 3 tier tinkerbell dolly varden type cake for my friends duaghter... yes I know challenge!! why did i think i could do this! haha :)

Kristine (01/01/2011)

Comment: I just made my tinkerbell 3 tier cake and your fondant recipe MADE the cake was such a hit!! thank you for your clear instructions!!

Jenny (01/01/2011)

Comment: I just wanna ask if fondants has different flaours? I havent tried making cakes and been searchong onhow will i start. any tips? Im basically wanting to learn molding characters but dunnor what tools to buy. As well as making fondants. please help. just want to learn for my kids.

Marina (02/01/2011)

Comment: Hi, Jenny. I think fondant made according to different recipes and especially the ones without marshmallows in them will taste differently. If you just start learning making cakes start with basic cake recipes and simple shapes. Try this marshmallow fondant recipe and practice covering the cake and making simple fondant flowers or figures.. the more you practice the better your results are going to be. Just don't hurry to buy expensive tools for cake decorating. You can do so many decorations and shapes without them or using your basic kitchen stuff.

Karen (09/01/2011)

Comment: Hi.. I also love working with marshmallow fondant. It tastes so much better! I just thought I would share some info on white marshmallows. I buy large packs of all white marshamallows from IGA in sydney. They are actually the IGA brand and I get the 500gr bags for the cost of one bag of pascalls! I have no problem using them! Hope this helps all you marshmallow fondant lovers!

Kylie (14/01/2011)

Comment: Couple of quick questions if anyone can help me. Firstly, while you can not refrigerate a cake once the fondant is on, can I shape and ganache my cake and then freeze it BEFORE putting the fondant on? Also, when I made marshmallow fondant last time I found it didn't blend well, I felt because of the powder coating on the mallows. Is this the case or did I do something else wrong? Could I use my own homemade mallow? Thanks!!!

Aimee (14/01/2011)

Comment: I would like to make a three tier birthday cake for my sons 1st Birthday. I have been doing a lot of research online, and your sight has been the very best yet. I have never made fondant before. I was wondering how long you should let your mm fondant figures dry for before storing and putting them on the cake? Also, would mm fondant work for making bands around a cake and little flat designs on the surface of the already fondant covered cake? One more question, will I need some kind of support system for the cake? Thank you so much for all your help. I am very grateful. Aimee

Marina (14/01/2011)

Comment: Hi, Kylie. I haven't done freezing and then decorating the cake before, but I think you can try and it should work. Just make sure the cake is room temperature before you start covering it with marshmallow fondant. Because if the cake is too cold condensate moisture may appear on the fondnat. When you make marshmallow fondant next time sift powdered sugar before mixing it with melted marshmallows and it will blend a lot better then. About homemade mallows... well.. try it and you will see. Start with a small amount first. It really may work for you as well as mallows from the shops.

Marina (14/01/2011)

Comment: Hi, Aimee. It really depends on what kind of fondant figures you make. if they are very detailed and need to be hard before you touch them again then wait from couple of hours till 24 hours before it gets harder. marshmallow fondant figures may not become completely dry and hard but they will be hard enough to decorate the cake nicely. Just make sure the place where you let your figures stand is DRY and cool. Marshmallow fondant should work really well for making bands and flat decorations "glued" to already fondant covered cake. Just use a bit of water to "glue" them to the fondant covering the cake. If you make two or three or even more tiered cake it is always good to make some support to each tier of the cake. What I often do is I insert some wooden sticks into the bottom cake, cut them just a few mm below the surface of the bottom cake then I place a cardboard of the same shape and a bit smaller size than your top cake and then I place the top cake on the cardboard. to make sure you cake doesn't slip away from the cardboard "glue" the cake to the cardboard with some icing. The same can be done between the cardboard and the bottom cake. In order to hide the connection between the tiers make fondant bands or put some cute little flowers around the bottom edge or any other sorts of edible and not edible bands and decorations if you need to.

Aimee (28/01/2011)

Comment: Thank you so very much! It was so nice to finally feel like I am prepared for giving this a go. I am so excited about this cake. I can't wait to see how everything turns out. Thanks again. Aimee

Kathe (28/01/2011)

Comment: Hi Marina, Your princess castle cake is amazing and I am trying to make something similar (a dora castle), but definitely not as nice yours. I am a novice baker. I have your receipe for the MMF, however have covered my towers and they look terribly untidy.. I have tried to use a spatular and smoothe it out, but it still has prints and dents all over the MMF covers on the tower. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Soobee (07/02/2011)

Comment: wow...just found your page...absolutely new to this and look forward to trying this out...any tips for beginners?

Adriaana (07/04/2011)

Comment: Hi there! I have just stumbled onto your site and it is amazing. I am going to try the MMF for a Little Einstein Rocket cake for my 2 year old! Thank you for the info!

Jillian (11/05/2011)

Comment: Hi, I don't have a microwave, so am wondering how I would make Marshmallow Fondant?

Sam (23/05/2011)

Comment: Thank you for sharing. My MMF turned out fabulous, my daughter loves the taste of it. A fool proof recipe!

Sarah-Ann (14/06/2011)

Comment: Easy to make, was a big hit at my daughters 2nd birthday party. Taste pretty good too. And messy to make! Love messy cooking, makes it fun!

cory (04/08/2011)

Comment: Nice, cakes makes me want to make some myself. I was just wondering, all the ingredients you used, were they listed?

Jodie (04/08/2011)

Comment: WOW! So glad i found your blog. Is it "pure icing sugar" or "icing mixture" used in your recipe. I will definitely be trying this fondant once I have used up the $40 of store bought fondant I have. It will make my new found obsession so much cheaper. Thank you for sharing

Jessica (31/01/2012)

Comment: Hi, first of all your cakes are gorgeous. I tried the marshmallow fondant and it got to the point that wouldn't roll nicely with out unfolding or having a big opening. I think it was to dry and all the icing sugar lighten the colour of my dyes

Marina from Birthday-Cakes (31/01/2012)

Comment: Hi, Jessica. Looks like your fondant got too dry. In this case just add a bit of water to make it smoother and more flexible. Yes, adding icing sugar makes the colour lighter, just add a bit more colour to the fondant. Good luck with cake making :)

Alice (23/03/2012)

Comment: After trying three different fondant recipes i tried this one and i just wish i had used it in the first place. The other night after kneading another fondant for an hour i woke up and my abs have hurt for a week. its so much effort to mix glucose, gelatin, glycerine and icing sugar but this recipe is amazing. Its so easy to knead because the marshmellow mixture stays nice and warm and i didnt find it sticky i just had a whole heap of icing sugar on the bench and kept folding it in. None of the other fondants i tried have had the right consistency they all cracked when i tried to ice the cake. safe to say im quite excited about this fondant and not at all nervous to make my sons birthday cake anymore. :) Thankyou

Barb Owens (17/07/2012)

Comment: Sorry, just realized what a mark was LOL!! Definitely a 10+++

Barb Owens (17/07/2012)

Comment: Hello, I am so thankful for you to have open discussion. I know you're time is valuable but you still take time out to answer questions! You're awesome! One question. I made the marshmallow fondant and while trying to create my giraffe, it slowly (melted) to the table. It was funny to watch but sad at the same time lol.Any suggestions? Thanks again for this awesome website!!!!!

Marina from Birthday-Cakes (17/07/2012)

Comment: Hi. If the marshmallow fondant is too runny just add more sugar. But if your figurine is not holding its shape anyway, just use tooth sticks or anything that would suit to support it while it is drying up.

Katie (Amateur Baker) (07/01/2013)

Comment: Hi, I am going to attempt to make a birthday cake for my daughter 1st birthday and came across your recipe. I was just wondering if the coffee was noticeable in the final cake as my partner isn't a fan, would it be possible to just exclude this or would it affect the out of the cake? Any help would be great :-) Thanks Katie

Marina - (07/01/2013)

Comment: Dear Katie. I'm not sure what recipe you are talking about, as there is no coffee in marshmallow fondant recipe. I guess you looked at tiramisu recipe, if that's the case, then yes.. the coffee flavour is pretty strong there. Good luck with the cake and thank you for visiting my blog :)

Jojo (19/04/2014)

Comment: Just wanted to say thank you for an easy to follow recipe that worked really well for me. I just kept adding icing sugar until it was the right consistency, like play doh I suppose, and I kept my hands smothered in copha shortening which stopped the fondant drying out while I worked with it. The copha also fixed cracks forming around the corners of the cake. Couldn't store overnight due to time constraints but a few hours was enough. Thanks again

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