Washcloth Lollipops

Washcloth Lollipops
Washcloth Lollipops
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Washcloth lollipops are the cutest things to give as a baby shower gift or make it a nappy cake topper or just as nappy cake decorations. It can also be a beautiful baby shower table decorations or baby shower favors.

Whichever way you need or use them facewather lollipops will be one of the brightest and colourful sweet looking treats to make any new baby related occasion a little extra special.

These particular washcloth lollipops are made with cotton baby washcloth, wooden craft sticks, ribbon roses and colourful pink and blue ribbons. There is no pins used in these washcloth lollipops. To attach some parts of these washcloth lollipops I used regular sticky tape which doesn’t do any harm to the baby facewashers fabric if taken off carefully and not using pins makes it safe especially if you have kids around.

To make a baby shower or a new baby party table centrepieces just take some washcloth lollipops and place them into a little bucket or small vase. To fix the facewasher lollipops inside a vase or a bucket you can use a piece of foam or some shredderred paper from the party store. To finish up the baby shower party or a new baby party centrepiece just sick on some ribbon bows or colourful ribbons or stickers that would match the theme and the colour scheme of your party. If you use them as a favors you could place each facewasher lollipop near the guest’s seat

Such non-edible lollipops could be made not only with facewashers but also with baby socks, baby singlets or any other small size baby clothing or accessories that you can bend in a lollipop shape.

Such washcloth lollipops could actually be made for any other occasion where you prepare favors, such as hens party, weddings, and pretty much any other event. Just choose appropriate colours and decorations and you have a pretty lollipop that is fun and nice to use after.

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Date: 16/05/2011


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