Baked Caramel Cheesecake

Baked Caramel Cheesecake
Baked Caramel Cheesecake
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I absolutely love cheesecakes, I enjoy a lot its smooth and creamy texture, delicious taste and crunchy sweet base. I found that cheesecake is a very popular dessert in Sydney, you can find it in the menu of almost any cafe or restaurant. I was so happy to find a recipe of a caramel cheesecake. I used caramel in many cakes I have made so far. I used it for butter cream and as a simple caramel spread. It is so sweet and so good and it is not a surprise that caramel is used in so many desserts. And I think caramel together with mixed spices added a bit of extra flavour and nice sweetness to this cheesecake. And the fact that it is a home made cheesecake makes it even better.
I used butter snack biscuits for the base. After I tried the cake, I thought that this is the best type of biscuits to use for the cheesecake base. It turned out so sweet, yummy and crunchy and you can taste the flavour of the biscuits and nuts. But this kind of biscuits doesn’t require as much butter as it is said in the recipe. There is enough butter in the biscuits and if you add too much the base will be too fatty and the butter might just leak. Just add a little.
Half of the cream cheese mix was white and another half I mixed with caramel and it got a beautiful caramel colour. Then I put one half of the batter on top of the other and sprinkled with mixed spices. What a beautiful smell it had and so much flavour.
While the cake was baking I melted some sugar until it had deep golden colour. I spread all the caramel on the baking paper and just in minutes I had a huge piece of dry caramel. That was fun to break it into big pieces and later on decorate the cake. Dry caramel decorations and caramel cake – what a beautiful match. And who wouldn’t like to taste a little bit of that caramel decorations. They are so sweet.

caramel decorations

caramel cheesecake


Date: 19/12/2009


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